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Lazy man's way to make test data - CSV, XLSX, SQL

Try the most lazy (and convenient) way to generate mock data.

Lazy man's way to make test data - CSV, XLSX, SQL

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Call them by their name

What do test, fake, mock and synthetic data have in common? Everything!

Whatever names you call them, the purpose is always the same. To have some mock, ideally realistic, data.

A convenient way to make test data

How do you create fake data to test your app?

Do you use your favorite spreadsheet editor while employing finger-twisting copy and paste movements? Or maybe you are making use of programming language to do the hard work for you.

No matter what is your test data generator of choice, we believe our way is more convenient.

No-code synthetic data generator

We developed a simple, no-code (aka point-and-click) tool that you can use for free. But there's more.

There is no credit card required. No login required. No commitments at all. Isn't it nice?

Major formats supported

Currently, you can download test data as CSV text file, Excel spreadsheet or SQL file.

We may add more functionality later.

Your opinion matters

If you have any suggestions contact us or DM @data21_io. Enjoy!

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